Storm King Mountaint, Scenic Hudson, Con EdisonStorm Over the Mountain

We take it for granted that you can defend scenic beauty, wildlife and the environment with the power of the law. But there was a time when pollution by corporations went relatively unchecked until a small group of concerned citizens decided to fight back.

Secrets Beneath the Ashokan Reservoir

The construction of the Ashokan Reservoir and the Catskill Aqueduct to provide NYC with water has been likened to the building of the Panama canal. But beyond the engineering miracle and underneath the beautiful waters lies another side of the story that is still remembered by residents of the area.


Thruway construction

Build It and They Will Come

In the 1950's the largest toll highway system in the United States was built – The New York State Thruway. It changed the character of many communities in the valley: none more than Nyack, the site chosen for a Hudson River crossing. Now past its 50-year life span, plans are underway to build a new Tappan Zee bridge.


Paradise Transformed:

How a Mountain, a Road, and a Reservoir Changed the Face of the Hudson Valley


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