Recording on a Smart Phone 

Most of us carry in our pockets an audio recorder - our smart phone.  Today it is easier than ever before to capture these wondrous voices. Most of us now carry an audio recorder in our pockets – our smart phones. With attention to a few small details, you can make a decent recording of your loved ones. This guide can help you.

Preserving and Sharing our Past in Sound 

Do you have a fabulous oral history collection filled with great local stories you know people would love to hear?  Listening to an hour long interview to find those hidden gems is a daunting task even for the most motivated listener. But there is another way to share those stories. Learn how in Sound and Story’s latest DIY Audio manual "Preserving and Sharing our Past in Sound."

Digitizing Audio Cassettes

Whether you have one cassette or a closet full, these simple to follow videos can show you how to preserve and share them by converting them to digital files. 


Learn what equipment you'll need in Part One of our two part series. 



Part Two is a step-by-step guide to digitizing using Audacity a free audio editing program. 



DIY Audio 

Here's the place to learn all about audio - how to digitize audio cassette to recommendations for new recorders. Check back often as we will be updating regularly. Be sure to also check our "Hire Us" page for workshops and services we offer. 

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