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Celebrating Local Archives

Stories culled from archival oral history collections are the catalyst for engaging our communities in discussions about issues relevant to us today. A traveling exhibit hosted by five organizations will feature rarely heard audio stories. Join us at each organization for a community discussion about the stories. 

Participating Organizations

Somers Historical Society  February 1-March 3, 2014

How have the traveling menagerie, the first African-American owned Harley Davidson dealership, the Elephant Hotel, and the largest live tree nursery shaped Somers sense of place? How has that sense of place changed over the years? Find out by hearing and discussing the Mabel Addis oral history collection of Somers Historical Society.

Nyack Library  March 4- 31, 2014

What are the forces that changed Nyack in the past and how will upcoming events, like the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge impact the community? Nyack's oral history collection showcases the tremendous changes urban renewal and the Tappan Zee Bridge brought to Nyack and Rockland County.

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites  April 1-30 2014
Who gave Eleanor her favorite chili recipe? Why did FDR swim everyday? What was the upstairs/downstairs nature of life in the mansions? The Roosevelt-Vanderbilt oral history collection was recorded in the 1940's and features the stories of staff who worked at the Roosevelt and Vanderbilt homes. Join us in April to discuss.

Hudson River Maritime Museum  May 1-31, 2014

Get caught up in the net of history with stories from the Hudson River Maritime Museum's oral history collection. Featuring Hudson River commercial fishermen interviewed between 1989 to 1999, these stories tell familiar and unknown tales of the Hudson – from shad to sturgeon, pollution to protection, wildlife to waterfronts.

New Rochelle Public Library  May 1-31 2014

What are the impacts of today’s immigration on New Rochelle’s future? What are the common threads of  immigrant and migrant experiences? Recorded in 1988, New Rochelle Public Library's oral history collection feature the stories of former newcomers to the area.

Discussion Dates

March 3, 2014   Discussion Event for Somers Historical Society at the Mexican Shack, Somers

March 31, 2014 Discussion Event at Nyack Library, Nyack

April 22, 2014   Discussion Event at Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites, Hyde Park

May 28, 2014    Discussion event at Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston

May 20, 2014    Discussion event at New Rochelle Public Library, New Rochelle





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Roosevelt-Vanderbilt Historic Site

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