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It might look like a beautiful piece of outdoor sculpture, but hidden inside its metallic sides is a cushy sound proof recording booth where we’ll be recording your stories in comfort – and quiet. Join us as The Cube travels around the Hudson Valley collecting your stories.

The  Cube season runs from May through October. Our schedule is limited, so be sure to book early by emailing us at info@soundandstory.org.

With The Cube you can

  • Introduce your organization to new audiences.
  • Add drama to your marketing program.
  • Create a more memorable fundraising event.
  • Enhance your team-building efforts.
  • Honor esteemed alumni or guests at a special event.
  • Celebrate a business anniversary.
  • Publicize your new business.
  • Invigorate your public image.
  • Announce your commitment to the community by creating an opportunity for employees and others to tell and preserve their stories.

Assembling the Cube 



What does a day with The Cube look like?

Sound and Story assembles The Cube on location usually the day before your event. We provide a trained interviewer to record the interviews with professional equipment. Interviews are booked every hour and last about 40 minutes. Generally, we conduct about six interviews a day. The host organization is responsible for scheduling the interviews.


Sound and Story gives each participant a flash drive with an mp3 file of their interview to take home with them.  The sponsoring organization receives a preservation master.wav and mp3 file of all the interviews, a photo of each interviewee and a copy of the release forms. We also advise you on preserving your recordings and creative ways to make them available to the public.

How much does it cost?

A Cube visit costs approximately $2,500 for the first day and $1,000 for each additional day of interviews. Costs vary according to travel distance, so please contact us for an estimate.


Click here to see more photos of The Cube.

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digital recording booth, the cube, oral history, library programs IMLS

Initial funding for The Cube was provided by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Southeastern NY Library Resources Council.


Bring The Cube to Your Organization

Everywhere we go, everybody wants to record their personal story and hear the stories of others. Archiving these stories can be your gift to the community, and to your customers or donors. Our uniquely designed portable recording booth-The Cube-makes this possible.

We can bring The Cube to your place of business or to your nonprofit. Imagine the possibilities...



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